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Stop varmits in their tracks!!

by Jenn Barber on 08/02/11

Those cute, fuzzy, little critters lose their charm when they invade your garden and leave behind a trail of destruction and mutilated vegetables. We have all had that primal urge to blow them to smithereens! But new ones just replace the old when there is a food source. There has to be a more convincing, lasting way to dismiss these pests... well read on, friends!

First order of business, know your enemy. Varmints don't like loud noises, flashing lights, or food they can't digest. 

  • Place empty milk jugs or tin cans upside down over a fence post or stake (metal is the noisiest) and when the wind blows it will scare them.
  • Take strips of aluminum foil and old cd's and hang them from trees and fencing.
  • For wire mesh or chicken wire to be most effective, dig a trench around your garden and bury the barrier, so 12 inches is underground and about 36 inches is above ground.
  • Raise your garden bed and place a layer of chicken wire or wire mesh 12 to 14 inches deep, so nothing can burrow in.
  • Mix together cayenne pepper, garlic, black pepper, Tabasco sauce, etc. thin enough to use in a spray bottle and spray to your heart's content, this will not harm your plants, just be sure to wash them very well before you eat them.
  • In the event rodents are setting up shop in or around your garden, unwrap a stick of gum and drop it in their borough, they can't digest it and will seek food elsewhere.
  • Grow castor beans.
  • Cut rubber hose into sections about 18 to 24 inches long and scatter in your garden, because just like the rest of us, birds and rodents don't want to be bit by a snake!

Good luck folks and stay tuned!

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