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Licensed contractors build complacency!

by Jenn Barber on 08/02/11

Here at Ronnies, we take pride in a job well done and guarantee all of our work. As Ronnie says, "Using a licensed contractor doesn't guarantee good work, but we do." For that reason, we choose not to be a licensed contractor.

According to The Arizona Republic, 13,000 Arizonans filed claims against licensed contractors with the Registrar of Contractors (ROC) last year.             

Arizona has more contractors than it used to. As more companies lay off employees, those employees go out on their own, as it is very simple to get a contractor's license, a test and a fee in most cases. Not all of them have the experience to see a job through to a successful finish.  Someone might start a project at your house and abandon it in the middle—and have no money to repay your deposit.               

The most common homeowner complaints are failure to complete the work, failure to start the work or work that doesn't meet industry standards.            

If you live in a single-family home and have lost money to a contractor for any of those reasons, your first step is to ask the contractor to make it right.            

If that doesn't work, you can ask the ROC to intervene. After you file a written complaint, the ROC might inspect your property and order the contractor to take a specific action to solve the problem. If the contractor can't or won't comply, the ROC might suspend or revoke the contractor's license. If it does, you may be able to apply for up to $30,000 from the ROC's Recovery Fund. You'll have to fill out lots of forms (find them at and meet numerous qualifications, which require you to describe your "injury"; file your complaint within two years of the issue; and get bids for finishing the work or repairing contractor caused problems.

You're not guaranteed any money, of course, and the amount you get depends on how many other homeowners have asked for funds because of the same contractor; the ROC will pay a maximum of $200,000 per contractor and if you think that's interesting, read this!

Which means, licensed contractors protect themselves… not you. So what should you do? Hire someone you trust! 

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