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Don't let things that sag get ya down!

by Jenn Barber on 08/02/11

Once upon a time there was a door and it was a happy door. Then one day it rained and the door became heavy with moisture and began to rub against the frame a bit... no big deal, right?  Just lift a little on the knob, no problem. Then the family comes over and the kids (or adults) can't help themselves but to lean (or swing) on that door (don't judge me... it looked fun) and just like that you  have a full on sagging door. Don't worry, friends, the solution could be a simple as driving longer screws into the jamb hinges so the door is anchored to the stud behind the jamb as well.

Here's what ya need;

  1. Three inch screws
  2. A screwgun (or a drill with a flathead or phillipshead bit)

Here's what ya do;

  1. Open the door and face the jamb, that's where the hinges are attached to the door. (Make sure the hinges are straight and not bent, as that could be the problem)
  2. Remove all but the bottom screw on each hinge ( if your door has  three hinges, you only need to do the top two)
  3. Doing the top hinge first, place the tip of your first three inch screw in the existing uppermost hole and hold it in place with the bit on your screw gun
  4. Now, take the door handle and pull up on the door as far as it will go
  5. Then drive the screw you are holding in place.
  6. Repeat this process for the remaining holes in the hinges.

Hooray! Now open and close your door with joy!

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