Dear John, I cherish our time together but why must you waste so much water?! : Ronnie the Handyman

Dear John, I cherish our time together but why must you waste so much water?!

by Jenn Barber on 08/02/11

Oh, if only writing a letter to the toilet would inspire it to stop leaking... if wishes were fishes, right?

Here is a detailed, easy to follow guide on how to replace your toilet flapper and save yourself a few bucks on the water bill. And remember, no matter what the package says, a flapper should be replaced about once a year.

  1. Close the water supply to your toilet. This is usually behind the bowl, below the tank. If there's no valve or the valve is stuck, turn off the water to the house.
  2. Flush the water in the tank and note the length of the chain from the flush handle to the flapper. This will save time when installing the new flapper.
  3. If the flapper is connected by a circular ring around the tube, remove the refill tube from the overflow tube. (If not, skip this step)
  4. Remove the chain from the flush lever, then remove the old flapper by sliding it up and off of the overflow tube. Or, unhook the flapper ears from the overflow tube. For new plastic flush valves, you may have to bend the flapper ears out and off the pins on the flush valve.
  5. Write down the toilet manufacturer and the model number, if you know it. The manufacturer's name is often stamped on the outside of the bowl near the seat hinges and the model number is normally on the inside at the back of the tank.
  6. Buy a new flapper. We here at Ronnie's are big fans of Ace hardware... just sayin'... Be prepared to pay $2 - $10 for the right flapper. You may also need a beaded metal flapper chain replacement.
  7. Install the new flapper by sliding it down and over the overflow tube until the ring touches the bottom of the tank, with the flapper bulb centered on the valve opening.
  8. Ronnie also says it's a good idea to smear some vaseline around the edge of the flapper to ensure a good seal.
  9. Good job, you did it! (If you are having any trouble give us a call at (520) 297-8724. We are happy to help!)

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